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Betnesol-N Drops For Eye, Ear And Nose Infection Caused By Bacteria

Betnesol-N Drops For Eye, Ear And Nose Infection

Eye, Ear And Nose Infection
Betnesol-N is produced by GSK, which contains betamethason sodium + phosphate B.P + Neomycin Sulphate B.P. It is being used for the treatment of eye, ear and nose infection caused by bacteria. Eye: Used for red and pink eyes. Ears: Otitis externa and other steroid responsive inflammatory conditions where bacterial infection is present or suspected. Nose: Steroid responsive inflammatory conditions where infection is present or suspected. It is sterile, free from bacteria and microorganism.
Indications: Use when inflammation and bacterial infection take place.
Precautions: Do not use more than seven (7) days and in pregnancy.
Adverse Events: Thinning of cornea leading to perforation, cataract and excessive intranasal usage may include systemic side effects. 

Precaution: Do not Use Any Medicine without Doctor's Prescription 

Betnesol-N Drops (Sterile)

(Betamethason Sodium + Neomycin Sulphate)
Betnesol-N Drops

Betmethasone Sodium
Phosphate B.P0.1% w/v
Neomycin Sulphate B.P 0.5% w/v
Eye, Ear and Nose pain and Swelling
Rough Diagnose (Not Valid)
Eye, Ear and Nose infection
According to doctor's prescription
Retail price in Pakistan


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