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KILPAIN: Best Herbal Cream For Joint and Muscular Pain

KILPAIN, Best Herbal Cream For Joint and Muscular Pain

muscular pain cream
KILPAIN cream is produced by Lasani Pharmaceutical. It is effective for muscular pain, neuralgia and joint pain. If you are facing joint pain, cut pain, fracture pain, muscular pain and back pain, all you need to use KILPAIN cream as a remedy. It is herbal product, which got no side effects. Sometime you need to apply pain killer creams along pain killer tablets, because cream directly affects the affected area.
Side Effects: There is no side effects of Kilpain, because it is herbal product.

KILPAIN (Analgesic Cream)

kill pain cream

(For External Use Only)
Winter Green Oil 10%
Eucalyptus Oil 0.8%
Aconite 02%
Menthol 2.5%
Capsicum 00.2%
Thymol 0.15%
Rosemery Oil 0.02%
Turpentine Oil 0.03%
Base Q.S 77.10%
Joint and Muscular Pain, Body Pain
Joint and Muscular Pain

Gently rub the small quantity of KILPAIN cream over painful area three times a day
Retail Price In Pakistan
Rs 90


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