Sunday, October 04, 2015


Fervit Syrup: Iron-B Complex With Vitamin C

Iron-B Complex Vitamin C

Fervit 120ml (Syrup)

Fervit is best fit for all those patients, who are facing Iron-B and Vitamin-C deficiency. This syrup contains ferrous sulphate, vitamin C, B2, B12, and calcium. This syrup is given to all those patients, who are facing Iron-B and Vitamin C complex. If a patient feels weakness in his/her body or facing joint pain, he/she can use this syrup for 2 weeks, because vitamins can purify blood and calcium can strength their bones.

Precaution: Do not Use Any Medicine without Doctor's Prescription 

Fervit 12oml (Syrup)

(Iron-B Complex Vitamin C)
Fervit 120ml Syrup
Ferrous Sulphate (U.S.P) 131mg
Vitamin B12 (B.P) 6.25mcg
Vitamin C (B.P) 125mg
Vitamin B2-5-Phosphate (B.P) 7.5mg
Vitamin B6 (B.P) 1.25mg
Cal. D. Pantothenate (B.P) 2.5mg
Weakness, Pain in Joints, Yellowish Skin,
Rough Diagnose (Not Valid)

Deficiency in Iron-B and Vitamin-C Complex, Anemia Deficiency 

According to doctor's prescription
Retail Price in Pakistan
Rs 49

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