Sunday, August 16, 2015


AKSEER-E-DEMAGH Syrup For Strong and Healthy Brain

AKSEER-E-DEMAGH for healthy brain
AKSEER-E-DEMAGH is produced by Lasani, which is being used to protect strong and healthy brain. In Urdu DEMAGH is being used for brain. Nowadays majority of people got a problem, they normally forget and cannot remember things and this syrup can help you to remember things. A part from forgetting things, many people are facing headache pain and depression. All those patients who are facing any kind of brain problem can use AKSEE-E-DEMAGH for 1 month. After using this syrup, they will not forget anything and also they will not face any anxiety problem related to their brain. Therefore use this herbal made AKSEER-E-DEMAGH for strong and healthy brain.

Is There any site effect of using this syrup?

No, absolutely not, because it is a herbal product and composition of Ustukhudus, Zinjbeel, Fafaid, Podina etc.


AKSEER-E-DEMAKH syrup for healthy brain
(Ustukuhdus, Zinjbeel, Sandal Safaid, Amla + multi products)
Each 10ml contains
Ustukuhdus 55mg
Zinjbeel 27.27mg
Sandal Safaid 10.15mg
Amla 55mg
IIachi Khurd 18.18mg
Moundi 27
Agar Hindi 18.18mg
Gul Gaozaban 55mg
Charela 55mg
Behman Safaid 27.27mg
Nagar Motha 18.18mg
Podina 18.18mg
Khurma 55mg
Sugar and Glucose 00.1mg
Forget things, Headache
Ignod, Forgetting things
Child (Over 1 years)
Half (1/2) table spoon 3 times a day
Adult (More Than 18 Years)
2 to 3 table spoon 3 times a day
Retail Price in Pakistan
Rs 90


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